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What is SQL*Plus

SQL * Plus is is a product of Oracle in which the languages SQL and PL/SQL can be used.

SQL * Plus has its own command language for controlling the product and for formatting the results of the SQL interogtions.

SQL * Plus is a Oracle utility that recognizes SQL commands and sends these commands to Oracle server for execution.

SQL * Plus is a powerful tool that is used in the development of applications for the Oracle database.

Operations you can perform in SQL * Plus

- editing, saving, loading and execution of SQL commands and PL/SQL blocks;
- formatting, saving, printing, and making certain calculations on the results of a query in the form of reports;
- listing of definitions of tables;
- accessing and transferring data between databases;
- implementation of functions for database managing: the users administration, namespaces table, operations management of archiving and recovery.


SQL is the language used to access a database relational query, including Oracle.
SQL can be used by each Oracle tool, when access to the database is necessary. SQL Reference: TSQL and SQL Tutorial.


PL/SQL is the procedural language of Oracle for writing applications and for the handling of data outside the database.
PL/SQL may include a subset of SQL commands, when access to the database is required. PL/SQL Reference: Pl Sql Tutorial and Oracle Tutorial.

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